Are you tired of being sick and tired? If you suffer from the following conditions, you are a great candidate for our Prolife Nutrition Program!




Rheumatoid Arthritis

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (I.B.S.)


Crohn's Disease

Sleeping Problems

Digestion Problems

High Cholesterol

Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure

Chronic Fatigue



Chronic Pain

It is scientifically known and proven that the inflammatory process in our body is not only important, but crucial in the repair and recovery process post injury.

How Long Should Inflammation Stay in Our Body? 2 WEEKS!

Unfortunately, many people suffer from chronic inflammation caused by POOR NUTRITION that ceases to dissipate, causing a barrage of chronic and life altering symptoms, decreased quality of life and a feeling of hopelessness.

The Key To Success...


    Re-setting your IMMUNE SYSTEM: Unbeknownst to you, your immune system is constantly fighting certain foods that you are eating…yes, even foods that are healthy can create an immune response over time.

  • GUT

    Cleaning and repairing the GUT: A healthy gut provides for effective digestion, assimilation and elimination, which will support your body’s other organs in detoxifying and getting rid of wastes and other toxins. Overtime, your gut can become toxic, becoming inefficient and leaky, allowing toxins to escape into our bloodstream and adding to our chronic inflammatory state.


    Cleaning and repairing the LIVER: one of the liver function is to produce bile, which aids in digestion and is known as the major detoxifier of our body. The liver allows for toxins to be excreted from our body safely so we do not become toxic. Over the years, our liver can become sluggish and allow our body to become toxic, adding to the chronic inflammatory state of the body.

About The Creators

Dr. Clayton Roach and his wife Janelle understand the important role nutrition plays in having great health and quality of life. While everyone agrees it is important, nutrition is not well understood. In an effort to help more people, Dr. Roach and his wife Janelle dedicated two years of their lives looking at the research and studying available programs and products. While experiencing their own personal struggles, they reached out to a colleague who turned their lives around with a revolutionary nutritional program. Inspired by their own results and a passion to help others, Dr. Roach and his wife committed to creating and implementing a nutrition program that would shift the level of health in their community. Welcome to ProLife Nutrition!

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The Process...

  • Proper TEMPORARY supplementation and process to clean and repair your GUT and LIVER
  • A clear and concise nutrition plan to help fix your current inflammatory state and REGAIN your HEALTH
  • A scientifically proven method to RESET your immune system, allowing it to take a break and STOP reacting to your nutrition and creating INFLAMMATION
  • An effective approach to help you CREATE a LIFESTYLE NUTRITION PLAN and know, which foods you can enjoy and, which foods you need to delete.

Here's What This Program Will Do for You!

Decreased Join Pain

Improves Cardiovascular Disease

Better Digestion

Decreased Headaches

Mental Clarity

Better Muscular Function

Improved Sleep

Decreased Blood Pressure

Increased Energy

Weight Loss

Decreased Cholestrol

Help Auto Immune Diseases


Before the program, I was often tired with low energy. Now I feel well rested and have lots of energy. As a bonus, I lost a significant amount of weight. It was a lot easier to follow than I thought it would be and cravings were not really a problem. Oh and the best part was my husband stopped snoring!
Wendy W.
Before the program, I had low energy and had annoying joint issues. I could not finish a round of golf without feeling pain in for my shoulder. I just finished 36 holes of golf with no issues. Sleep is better and my wife says I stopped snoring. Did not expect to lose as much weight as I did. I have already recommended this program to others, very worth it.
Howard W.
Before I started the program I was very lethargic and down in the dumps. As I progressed through the program I had more energy and I didn’t need a 10 minutes nap during the day. Mentally I am now able to think clearer. I am glad I did the program. It was difficult especially at the beginning but I feel the results were well worth the effort.
I was not feeling well for a long period of time before the program. After the first four weeks of this program, I was feeling pretty good. Even my back problem seemed to be some better.
I was exhausted and at a loss of what foods to eat to help me with this. My energy is back after doing this program. It even helped with sleepless nights. The 3 day fast wasn’t as bad as expected and was actually very easy. I will do this again. Try ProLife Nutrition! You will be glad you did!
Before this ProLife Nutritional Program, I thought I was fine. I ate healthy as I knew how, took vitamins and worked on being healthy. Now, I “know” I am a lot healthier. My doctor’s check-up was a proof of this. I am elated. My BMI improved remarkably after weight loss. The program is a bit challenging. You need time, you need to be organized and plan ahead. While there is a financial commitment, it is well worth it. Health is everything!
Bev G.
Before Prolife nutrition, I was having a lot of problems with my digestion, very bad cramping, headaches, violent diarrhea, overweight and unmanageable joint pain. Through 8 weeks of this program, I have lost considerable weight, which is great for my self-esteem, but more importantly, improved sleeping and energy, no stomach cramping or violent bowel issues. My advice to anyone considering doing this program is that you need to follow the rules. Use the provided recipes for variety. It is a lifestyle change that is definitely worth it. I would recommend this program to anyone.
(13.4 lbs) Wanda S
With the help of ProLife nutrition, I feel better, more alert and energetic and mu sleeping is much improved. I don’t feel bloated anymore and have lost considerable weight. I was very surprised when I went to have a massage and the massage therapist told me that my whole body was balanced. I have been doing massages for a long time on a monthly basis and have never heard her say that. My frequent headaches are also a thing of the past. I would tell anyone who is thinking about doing the ProLife nutrition program that although challenging, it is totally worth it…to feel better…to look better…to be healthier. Use this program to become the NEW YOU!
(14.8 lbs) Darlene G.
Before ProLife nutrition, I was bloated most of the time and felt sluggish and fatigued. I hated getting dressed up to go anywhere as I didn’t like how my clothes fit me. I knew something had to change as I was slowly gaining weight and feeling less happy with myself every day. Prolife nutrition, although challenging, is well instructed and guided. Dr. Clayton Roach and his wife Janelle are there with you every step of the way and are very helpful with any questions and concerns you may have. You will feel much better about yourself inside and out, lose some weight, gain more energy and feel very good about yourself having accomplished and made it through such a great program.
(21 lbs) Denise M
In the beginning of this program, I felt sluggish and struggled to enjoy life due to the lack of energy. After the first three days, I already started to feel better. Thanks to the ProLife nutrition program, I started to have normal bowel function for the first time in a long time. I had more strength and ambition and was starting to regain my life. I would not hesitate to recommend ProLife nutrition to anyone.
(26.4 lbs) Don M
Before I started the ProLife program, I had breathing problems. On the second day of the program, this problem miraculously went away. Fortunately, I have not had to use my breathing machine or my puffer since that day. This program also teaches you self-control. While on this program, I also had blood work done that confirmed normal cholesterol levels for the first time in a long time. I would recommend the Prolife nutrition program to anyone.
(14 lbs) Audrey M
I was always tired, my clothes were tight, my rings were tight and overall I was not happy with myself and what I was able to do. I was constipated frequently. I thought I was eating well, except the occasional treat such as alcohol or sweets. Since doing the program, my clothes feel so much better. My tops go over my butt instead of sitting on it! I actually need a belt for my pants. I have found new snacks and meals I really enjoy and will certainly continue to eat. As long as I drink lots of water and have a serving of sauerkraut daily, I’m not constipated. My hair grew very quickly. I was able to leave earrings in for days at a time. I have even been able to wear lower quality earrings. This hasn’t happened in years! I was pleasantly surprised to see how my strength continues to increase at the gym. If you’re considering ProLife nutrition, go for it! There are so many health benefits and you learn to eat food that is so good for you. I have more confidence going out in public and I know this will only improve, as this is a lifelong commitment! I will have the occasional treat but for 90% of the time Prolife Nutrition it is!!
(15 lbs) Maureen M.
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A Few Common Questions…

How Long is The Program?

The initial repair and healing phase of the program is 9 weeks. Following this phase, a clear and concise lifestyle program is then established.

What is The Cost?

The cost covers all needed supplements as well as 4 instructional classes in 9 weeks. The actual cost is covered at the information session and can vary based on the individual.

Is This a Fad Diet?

Absolutely not. This program is one of few nutrition programs actually based on pure science and thorough understanding of human physiology and neurology.

Is It a Weight Loss Program?

While you will lose weight, the program is designed to repair, heal and create better function loss through years of bad nutrition and chronic inflammation.

Here’s What To Do Next…

Join us for one of our FREE information session where we explain in detail the science and basis of the Prolife Nutrition Program. You will learn why your nutrition could have led to your current state of health and how you can turn things around. This information session is 1 hour long and will allow you to determine if this program is right for you.

Here’s What You Will Discover…

  • How your immune system is responsible for how you are feeling
  • How nutrition impacts your gut and liver and your ability to get and stay healthy
  • The reasons why inflammation is hanging around in your body and the role nutrition plays in managing it
  • The benefits of ProLife Nutrition and how it may be the key to getting yourself healthier than ever before
  • How to gain unbelievable quality of life with our scientifically proven nutrition program
  • How to feel younger and have more energy than you ever thought possible
If you feel tired and frustrated about your inability to do the things you love, you need to join us for our next FREE info session.Click the link and register TODAY!

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